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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Avon Perfume Pin Collection

I love a good collection. I have quite a few myself and I love, love, love it when other people share theirs with the world. It's one reason why I stalk all the various blogs I stalk. The whole "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". You know what's up.

So today I present: My Collection of Avon Perfume Pins. These things date to the 1970's. They are cartoon-like plastic pins with a hidden compartment for solid perfume. Let me just tell you right now. You don't want to be wearing this perfume. You don't even want to get any on you by accident. That stuff is nas-tay. I'm going to bet that even when it was new and not 40 years old, that stuff stank.

Here we have the Spring Collection. It's not really called that. I just made that up. Each pin has an actual name because Avon is fond of naming cute little characters. I actually think the pins might be called Perfume Pin Pals, but I'm not certain.

The bunny on the left was found at the last Dome Sale for $1 and I can't remember where/when I got the other two pins. It was a long time ago. Could have been a galaxy far, far away, too.

Here they are all open. Remember them now? Just imagine a very intense smell of old lady (from the perfume) and maybe it will help.

I found the scarecrow at the curiosities shop that shares a building with my hair stylist. Thanks, Utter Clutter! The snowman was my mom's. Goodness I love pink and black together!

Mr. scarecrow still has his pot of evil in the back, there. My mom's pin has an itty bitty picture of me as a baby! Wow, quite the film stock. All red, everything red. Way to go, chemists.

Here is the last of them! I found the wormy apple at Erie Line Antiques in Hornell, NY. Three floors of stuff, junk and treasures. You should stop there if you get the chance.

There are still many more of these pins out there. A few cats, another girl, a hippo, puppy and kangaroo, just to name a few. Who knows which will make it's way to me next?

Also, I thought you should see this:

The piece of old wallpaper came a few days ago. It's more glorious than I could have ever imagined! I'll never regret buying this baby.

So, in summary:

Too Many Collections
That Smells Like Old Ya Know
Avon Is The Best, Etc.
Old Wallpaper = Good Choice


  1. I had the Easter Bunny and the Snow Man as a kid and I loved them! I wish I had have hung on to them. You're very lucky.. I've looked on Ebay for the bunny and the snowman, but haven't had luck so far. Anyway, nice collection!!

  2. I know, I've been very lucky. There are tons of these pins on Etsy, you should check there!

    1. Do you remember what the Etsy search was to find them

    2. Try: Avon Pin Pals or Avon Perfume Pin

  3. I have a picture of me on my 7th birthday holding up the girl (with blue polka-dot dress), I thought I was tough stuff getting that pin with perfume in it!, can't believe these are still around.. Although I don't remember it smelling, Anyway, wish I still had mine..

    1. That is adorable! Glad to take you on a stroll down memory lane. :)

  4. I had a few of those growing up. I dont remember what characters they were. But I do remember I did like the perfume. I loved getting these!!